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Leave your worries behind, open the doors of the Hotel Auhof in Großarl and know from the first second on: here I can unwind, relax and recover. Warm hospitality, the cosy atmosphere of a small private hotel with only 90 beds, the enthusiasm for regional specialties and the lovingly designed spa area ensure complete satisfaction. Your wellness holiday in the province of Salzburg is more than massages, baths and saunas: your host family Rohrmoser understands spa treatment in Großarltal as a holistic experience, an interaction of affection, experience of nature, and pampering.

4-star Hotel Auhof: spa treatment in Großarltal

The interaction of water and heat has a millennia-long history in the province of Salzburg. The thermal baths were probably used before the Romans by the local population to promote resistance to diseases and for cleansing and relaxation. Experience the effect of temperature and water in a great number of ways at the Auhof, your spa hotel in Großarltal. Facilities at the hotel with sauna:

  • Sanarium
  • The particularly circulation-friendly sauna type with 46-60 °C and a humidity of 40-55% activates circulation and lowers blood pressure. Relaxes muscle tensions, positive additional effect through coloured light therapy.
  • Finnish sauna
    The classic sweat sauna with 80-100 °C. The benches are arranged stepwise; the temperature increases upwards. Typical of this form of sauna: the onpouring. This has a positive effect on the autonomic nervous system, the immune system, toughens up for cold weather and provides a deep cleansing of the skin.
  • Steam and brine bath
    The pleasant low-temperature and high-humidity type of sauna. The brine has a positive effect on the skin and respiratory system.
  • Infrared cabin
    Circulation-friendly sauna with depth-effect for the muscles.
  • Ice grotto
  • Whirlpool, experience showers
  • Tanning studio (solarium)
  • Water beds for resting, relaxation grotto
  • Grander Water fountain: animated water
  • Massage: classic partial and full-body massages, reflexology, exfoliation, hot stone massage and more
  • Comfortable lounge chairs, appealing relaxing atmosphere in the spa area


Spa treatments at Hotel Auhof in Großarl

Spa treatment in Großarltal: reserve your desired massage appointments at Hotel Auhof with your room reservation or upon arrival. The reception team can advise you.


  Description Duration Price
Classic partial massage - 25 min. 36,00
Classic full body massage -
50 min. 66,00
Reflexology foot massage

With special selective finger techniques the self-healing powers of the whole organism will be strengthened 25 min. 36,00
Cellulite massage

The blood circulation is stimulated and the connective tissue is strengthened 25 min. 36,00
Brush massage
Full body massage with a hand brush 15 min. 26,00
Sea salt peeling

The peeling is a good preparation for the hand brush massage   22,00
Neck massage - 15 min. 26,00

Full body stroke massage with essential oils. Strenghtens the immune system and has an excellent effect on the nervous system 50 min. 66,00
Hot stone massage

Native American people swear by the power of warm stones since ancient times
  • back
  • full body


20 min.

50 min.





Hotel Auhof online booking

The four-star Hotel Auhof in Großarl is your hotel with top service and the best vantage point to explore the Großarltal. We are looking forward to your reservation!

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    Auhof wellbeing package

    · 1 Classical partial massage (25m) + 1 hot stone massage (20m), 1 Reflexology foot massage (25m) + 1 Anti stress massage (25m), 1 Neck massage (15m)

    from 155,00 €