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Equestrian holidays for the whole family in Grossarl

Spend an unforgettable equestrian holiday with the whole family at the 4-star family-run Hotel Auhof in Grossarl. Our riding instructor teaches  children to ride all year round (max. 65 kg). In summer, unforgettable horseback riding excursions into the unspoilt nature of the Grossarl Valley are also offered for advanced riders.

We offer horseback riding all year round from Thuesday to Saturday. Local riding enthusiasts are also welcome to join us, please make an appointment at the hotel reception or call +43 64 14 88 89.

// FOR YOUR INFORMATION: Riding lessons can now only be canceled free of charge up to 24 hours in advance, after that 100% of the costs are incurred. //

Lunge lessons

Lessons on a long lead rope, called a lunge line, are the safest way to for beginners to acquire riding skills. The riding instructor controls the horse, allowing the rider to fully concentrate on their own movements and balance.

Private lessons

Private lessons are the best way for beginners as well as advanced riders to improve their riding skills. The riding instructor can respond to the rider’s individual needs, recommending specific corrections and improving through practice.

Riding adventures at Auli’s Ranch

Lunge & riding lessons as well as pony days for the little ones

As the German proverb has it, “the greatest happiness on earth is sitting in the saddle of a horse”. This certainly holds true at Hotel Auhof with Altrik, Lucky, Piccolo, Paco, Bijou and Susi, the friendly horses that live at the pony ranch next door to our family-run hotel in the province of Salzburg. Riding instructor, hiking guide and certified specialist in agriculture and horse management, keeps an eye on all our two and four-legged friends in the stable. She gives lessons, takes guests on horseback riding excursions and supervises our pony days for the Auhof’s youngest horse lovers.

Pony day including pony ride

On a pony day, our friendly horses are groomed, fed and saddled. For our youngest guests, the guided pony ride is the highlight of the day. The Auhof’s adorable ponies are also favourites with teenagers and parents.

“The noblest conquest of man is to have gained the friendship of the horse.” Comte de Buffon

Riding safely & having fun

Tips for Kids

  • Come to the stable about ten minutes before your lesson is due to start. This way, you have time to get to know your horse and get yourself ready.
  • Wear shoes that cover the ankle or riding boots with smooth soles.
  • Tight-fitting jeans or jodhpurs prevent chafing.
  • Wearing a riding helmet and a protective vest is an absolute must! No helmet, no riding!
  • Gloves prevent chafing from holding the reins.
  • Listen to the riding instructor and follow her instructions. This is for your own safety.
  • Treat the horses with respect and kindness. After all, they let you ride on their backs and try to follow your instructions.
  • Do not hurry off from the stable after the lesson has finished, but take care of your horse and say goodbye to the riding instructor.
  • Do not feed the horses sweets or other food. Ask your riding instructor if and what you can feed the horses.
  • Look after saddlery and grooming products as if they were your own. Handle them carefully, wash the snaffle and put everything back in its place.


Our horses are used to children, but they are animals who behave by instinct. Please follow the riding instructor’s instructions. Young children should not be left unattended near the horses. Do not approach our four-legged friends from behind, but make the horses aware that you are there and wait for their reaction. Handling and riding the horses is at your own risk, no liability is accepted by the operators of Hotel Auhof or its employees.

Prices for riding lessons and excursions at Hotel Auhof

Lunge and private lessons 1x 5x 10x + 1xFREE
25 minutes € 32,-   € 160,-  € 320,- 
50 minutes € 45,-  € 225,-  € 450,- 
15 minutes € 17,-  
FOR YOUR INFORMATION: Riding lessons can now only be canceled free of charge up to 24 hours in advance, after that 100% of the costs are incurred.
Equestrian holidays with children in Austria.

“Back the right horse” and make your dream equestrian holiday with the whole family into a reality. We look forward to hearing from you. Giddy-up!